3 Fun Facts About Coffee You Didn't Know You Needed to Know!

by Kenneth Reed on June 07, 2021

A charcuterie board with coffee, chocolate chip cookies, and fresh coffee beans online

Many people in the world can't (and rightfully refuse to) start their day without a cup of hot Joe. A coffee enthusiast or connoisseur may love the drink so much they go as far as calling themselves a coffee addict.

Is there such a thing as too much coffee, though? Or fun coffee facts, for that matter? We think not! Did you know that coffee beans are essentially cherry seeds? Or that coffee has shown to extend a person's life?

This blog will share with you some fun, uncommonly known facts about coffee!

1. Coffee is the Second Most Globally Traded Commodity

So many people love coffee! Factually, the average person drinks up to three cups in a single day. Multiplied by the number of people who drink coffee in the world, that’s a lot of coffee!

The industry is even worth over 100 billion USD.

2. A Goat Herder Discovered Coffee in the 1500s

A woman is holding French vanilla coffee bought online on her charcuterie board with a spoon and tissue

The story portrays that a goat herder observed his goats after eating coffee cherries and noticed they had more energy to burn and slept later at night. After discovering this connection, he shared it with monks nearby.

The monks then created a drink that we've all come to love using the cherry seeds that allowed them to stay awake and pray.

Eventually, the news spread, and now coffee is a staple in society.

3. Adding Cream to Your Coffee Helps it Stay Warm Longer.

When you add cream to your coffee, it will stay warmer for longer due to the physics of cream and coffee blending.

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