4 Tips for Buying Coffee Online

by Kenneth Reed on June 01, 2021
A person is pouring black coffee in a glass on a table with coffee mugs and beans

As a coffee drinker, you're already aware there are many types of variations of coffee out there.

When you buy fresh coffee online, you have the coffee world at your fingertips and can tap into the vast virtual landscape to find the perfect blends.

While you understand the importance of buying fresh coffee beans online, you may be looking for some pointers to do it effectively.

This blog will share some tips for buying fresh coffee online.

1. Check the Listed Roast Date!

Let's talk briefly talk about coffee chemistry.

Coffee beans contain trapped carbondioxide. For this reason, coffee beans require around 14 days to let out the built-up Carbon Dioxide successfully.

Gassy beans will create a sour taste in your coffee!

Therefore, when you're buying coffee beans online, make sure the roast date listed is at least two weeks before the date you're buying them.

Additionally, try to find out what kind of packaging the coffee company you choose uses. While coffee beans need to de-gas, they also can't be exposed to the outside air. To avoid this issue, many companies use one-way valves in packaging coffee beans.

2. Whole Beans Vs. Ground Coffee

black coffee is being poured into a coffee mug

A seasoned coffee-drinker will likely be a proponent for whole beans over ground coffee. Coffee beans tend to be fresher and taste better than ground coffee.

3. Check Freshness

You want to make sure the company takes minimal time between roasting and shipping your product to you. The best retailers will make this information available to you since they want their consumers to know how their coffee is roasted.

Often, they will even ask the customer!

4. Do You Have The Appropriate Equipment?

Having the right equipment to prepare your coffee is essential. If you’ve been preparing ground coffee all your life and suddenly switch to beans, you’ll need to upgrade your equipment.

You may need to buy a portable coffee maker, among other gadgets, to sip your high-quality coffee.

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