The 5 Best Coffee Flavors That Are a Must-Try

by Kenneth Reed on November 26, 2020
Have you ever wished you could gulp down a warm hot cup of cinnabuns? Do you love the aroma of hazelnut emanating through your kitchen? Can't get enough of vanilla and love being around bakeries and cafes?


Bring home all these flavors and aromas through our range of premium roasted blends. If you’re looking to buy fresh coffee online, you can choose from our range of flavors, including the following picks:


1.     Pumpkin spice

The quintessential fall and winter time drink, pumpkin spice is an absolute must-have for anyone who loves the warmth in a cup. Though typically a seasonal favorite, available in stores when the weather changes, we offer this delicious blend all year round. Medium roasted for that perfect flavor, it contains nutmeg, cinnamon, and pumpkin. Order your pack of this delicious arabica coffee today!

2.     Mocha

A classic combination of coffee and chocolate, this naturally-flavored medium roast blend is perfect for anyone with a taste for the finer things. Decadent, rich, and incredibly delicious, you’ll never get tired of taking in the warm aroma of this arabica bean. Tantalize your tastebuds with this goodness, which pairs incredibly well with a lot of desserts, and breakfast foods.

 Various coffee styles and flavors can be combined to create a unique, delicious drink.

3.     Cinnamon hazelnut

Two delicious and warm flavors, this blend combines the aromatic spice, cinnamon, with the light sweetness of hazlenut. You can enjoy this any time of the day for a light, mellow cup of coffee packed with flavor and aroma. Perfect for when you want a little change but love the flavor of the coffee itself, this formula is subtle enough to not overpow     er the arabica beans themselves.


4.     Chocolate hazelnut

Have you ever wanted to drink down a jar of Nutella?


Well, even if you haven’t before, now’s your chance. You can get your hands on this incredibly delicious, god-sent combination that brings together three of the best flavors: coffee, hazelnut, and chocolate, to deliver a delectable drink. You can even enjoy it as a dessert coffee for those extra special nights—or pair it with one of these delicious treats.


5.     Cinnabun

Any dessert lover who appreciates the goodness of texture, flavor, and aromas knows that cinnamon buns are where it's at. You can't get enough of these light, airy, sticky-sweet desserts—but too many, and you're consuming excess sugar and putting your health and your waistline at stake. Our blend brings you the same goodness—but in a cup. Enjoy a guilt-free blend that smells and tastes like your favorite snack, but without the excess sugar.


So what are you waiting for? Order your favorite flavor through our website, where you can easily buy coffee beans online, and get multiple accessories and products like coffee machines too. For any questions or concerns, reach out to us today!