5 Best Coffee Recipes

by Kenneth Reed on April 05, 2021

Do you love drinking coffee but don’t want to wait in line at coffee shops? If you said yes, we're here to help you out, so you never have to step out for coffee again.

From classic cappuccino or robust French press to trying out the Dalgona whipped coffee and milky latte, we’ve compiled some amazing coffee recipes for you to try this weekend.

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1. Dalgona Coffee: A Home-Made Whipped Coffee Drink

The ‘Dalgona Coffee' became a rising coffee trend in the mid-2020, according to Google. The whopping spike in this coffee type came when a South-Korean chef uploaded a DIY coffee-video during peak quarantine period.

So what makes Dalgona Coffee so popular? Its creamy and frothy texture!


Whisk equal amounts of granulated sugar, coffee powder, and cold water until it forms a foamy, bubbly texture. Fill an empty glass with milk and swirl the coffee mixture on top. Add ice cubes if desired.

Prep time: 5-10 minutes

Prepare dalgona with fresh coffee beans

2. The Brew-tiful Latte Drink

Caffe Latte is a popular Italian coffee made with espresso coffee beans and steamed milk. Here’s a quick recipe.


Take espresso coffee and milk in a 1:4 ratio. Pour the mixture into a coffee maker or a pitcher. Stop the coffee maker once the silky, creamy texture forms. You can prepare a latte drink with different coffee beans, such as mocha, pumpkin spice, vanilla, to taste different flavors.

Prep time: 10 minutes

3. La Cafetière – French Press

If you want to enjoy the natural brewing flavor of a coffee, then try the French press. All you need are coffee beans, hot water, and a French press (coffee brewing machine).


Take a tbsp. of coffee per 200 ml of water in the French press pot. Pour hot water then and gently stir. Use the plunger of the pot to grind the coffee, stopping above the water level. After 3-4 minutes, start plunging. Your rich, delightful coffee is ready!

4. The Perfect, Mouthwatering Cappuccino

Stemming back to Italy, cappuccino is one of the widely prepared coffees worldwide. This light drink gives you a refreshing start on dull mornings. For perfect preparation, spend a few more dollars and buy an espresso coffee machine.


Put equal proportions of espresso coffee beans and cold milk in the coffee machine. Allow the mixture to whisk until foamy froth forms above the mixture. Pour it in a cup. Sprinkle a little cocoa or cinnamon to enhance the flavor. Serve it hot!

Prep time: 5 minutes

5. Hot Shot Americano

Unlike traditionally brewed coffee, hotshot Americano is a diluted version of an espresso drink. It's named Americano after the U.S. soldiers widely consumed this drink during WWII in Italian cafes.


Take equal amounts of hot water and espresso coffee grounds and brew them. Your Americano drink is ready!

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