Coffee Brewing Methods: A Quick Guide

by Kenneth Reed on January 22, 2021
There are so many different methods to make coffee that sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Depending on whether you value convenience, taste, or method, you can narrow down your options quite a bit.

For coffee lovers who enjoy a good brew of java in the comfort of their own homes, here are some brewing methods.

Classic Espresso

Every coffee enthusiast has a strong opinion on espresso. Either they love it, or they hate it. Some say it’s the ultimate coffee experience, others think it’s too overrated. Whatever the truth may be, it’s still one of the most important brews in the coffee world.

Espresso does require some special skills and machines. You can easily make a good cup of espresso at home with some practice. For the coffee base, you’ll need a traditional Italian roast with a very fine grind. You’ll also need an espresso machine or a manual espresso maker, but an electric grinder is optional. Place a paper filter in the pot, and press start. Similar to the pour-over method, the paper filter makes the coffee feel clear and light.

Cold Brew

Cold-brew is crisp and refreshing. It feels super silky and light, and depending on what coffee you use, it can rich, fruity, or even chocolaty! All you need to do is immerse your coffee grounds in room temperature water overnight. Perfect for a summertime drink, use a cold brew bottle for a simple procedure with a granulated, medium-fine grind. Try some cardamom cold brew Vietnamese coffee for something completely different!

Traditional Turkish coffee in a cup with a sugar cube

Siphon Pot

The siphon is a fancy coffee maker. It adds a little bit of fun and creativity to your everyday routine, and you can break it out when you want to impress your guests! Invented in the 1840s in Germany, this method requires coffee grounds to be added to the top vessel and the vapor pressure moves the hot water upward and immerses the coffee. When the heat is removed from the vessel, the water flows down naturally. It takes only 6 minutes to brew and requires a medium grind.

French Press

French Pressed coffee always comes out full-bodied and delicious. With a heavier texture as compared to other methods, you'll need to immerse your coffee grounds in water. They're strained using a metal filter, which allows oil and other undissolved particles to pass into the cup. A medium-sized grind that’s a little coarse is perfect for a French Pressed coffee.

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