Coffee on The Go – How to Keep Your Brew True

by Kenneth Reed on May 19, 2021
If you're an avid coffee drinker who's on the go most of the time, you will find it challenging to keep your coffee tasting fresh and flavorful as you'd like. You don't have to compromise on fresh-tasting coffee just because you're traveling! Here are some great ways you can save your coffee's taste and make more while you're on the road:

Use Storage Containers

If you leave your coffee open for too long, its taste can get significantly altered. Moisture can get in and change its chemical mix. Temperature and sunlight exposure also ruin its quality. When you're traveling, make sure you pack your coffee in airtight containers. It's better if you use opaque containers as they'll block the sunlight completely.

A glass pour over used outdoors

Use Bottled Water

The type of water you use can also change the quality of the coffee you make. When traveling, it can be challenging to measure the tap water quality at the place you're staying. To not end up with sharp and bitter-tasting coffee, you should use bottled water. Bottled mineral water can also be a great alternative to tap water and elevate your coffee's taste.

Use Coffee Syrups

If you're traveling but don't have the means to make coffee yourself, you can try using the coffee syrup hack instead. The quality of coffee you'll find in most local hotels isn't pretty high. You can pack a bottle of coffee syrup of your choice or even put it into a travel-size container. The coffee syrup is sure to improve your coffee's taste so you can still enjoy good coffee away from home.

Coffee grind placed in a coffee machine

Bring Your Brewing Device

If you've decided to make your coffee while traveling, it would be worthier to bring your brewing device. You can look into investing in travel-friendly brewing devices available. These are conveniently sized, so they can be packed easily without taking up a lot of room in your luggage.

Use French Press

A French Press is an excellent device for making the types of coffee that require milk, such as lattes. You can take along a French Press with you to make creamy and frothy coffee wherever you go. If your hotel has provided a microwave for use, simply add milk to the French press and place it in the microwave for a couple of seconds. Use the plunge to create foam and mix the contents smoothly to make the perfect lattes and cappuccinos.

You can also invest in travel-friendly coffee gear such as a travel coffee mug that keeps your coffee tasting its best. You can find it on sale on our website.

The basics of good coffee-making techniques are the same when you're traveling. Use fresh ingredients to get more flavor and aroma. You can buy fresh coffee beans online through our site, along with a variety of other coffee ingredients. Our coffee beans are sourced from countries that are renowned for their coffee production. Contact us to have your coffee essentials delivered to your home today!