Different Coffee Cultures Around the World

by Kenneth Reed on April 02, 2021

two friends cheering to their cup of coffee

Global coffee consumption around the period 2018/19 grew at an estimated 2.1% to 164.84 million bags, making it a widely consumed and popular drink worldwide.


Coffee is one drink that everyone consumes around the world, and the best part is, every culture has its preference for the type of coffee they consume. We’ve compiled a guide to help you understand the differences in coffee cultures around the world:

1. Italy


Italians like their coffee strong. A coffee shot is poured into a small saucer—it is thick, dark, and hardly has any milk in it. This strong bitter coffee is consumed at once.


Another famous Italian way of drinking coffee is to add some liquor to give it that extra kick. Popular Italian coffees are espresso, americano, latte, and macchiato.

2. Mexico


Coffee culture in Mexico has recently been on the rise. Around 60-70% of the coffee produced in Mexico is exported, while the rest accounts for local demand.


A significant proportion of Mexicans consume coffee solely for the taste and the caffeine kick.. A popular coffee drink is cafe de olla, meaning “pot coffee.” The pot is made of clay, and it combines coffee with spices.

3. France


In France, drinking coffee has to do with enjoying it at the moment. The joy of sipping coffee while admiring the city, or even simple pleasures such as reading a book, makes the experience of drinking coffee worthwhile.

 coffee being poured in a cup labelled “cafe de flora”

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