How 9 Famous Celebs Like Their Coffee

by Kenneth Reed on May 11, 2021
It's interesting to see how famous celebrities live and find out what interests you share. However, what's more interesting is the coffee they like. If you've ever wondered what your favorite celeb likes to order when they're not busy working, you can find out here:

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck has starred in several blockbuster movies in recent years, the most iconic one of which has been the Batman role he'd taken. The actor has a preference for iced Americano and can usually be pictured with it in hand.

A barista working in a coffee shop

Kris Jenner

When the famous 'momager' is taking a break from working on a multi-million dollar empire and managing her famous children, she likes to enjoy sipping on soy lattes. This choice is extra creamy and a light way to enjoy coffee.

Miley Cyrus

The former Disney star used to be a vegan till she transitioned her diet for health reasons. Her go-to coffee order is nonfat white mocha, a sweet and creamy pick that doesn't add calories.

Reese Witherspoon

The actress and producer is usually on the run to bring award-winning shows to life. She's also focused on using vegan and organic products in whatever food she has, both at home and on the sets. For her afternoon coffee breaks, Reese enjoys almond soy lattes.

Bill Nye

Our favorite TV scientist, Bill Nye, enjoys his caramel macchiato occasionally. He prefers it with dairy-free coconut milk that adds more richness and flavor than in regular macchiatos.

A Polaroid photo of a celebrity drinking coffee

James McAvoy

The Scottish actor has a deep love for his drip coffee which he uses with a dark roast brew. If you're looking for a strong-tasting coffee, you should definitely give this a try.

Taylor Swift

The global star alternates between an iced Americano and caramel latte on any regular day. She uses Sweet n' Lows instead of white or brown sugar as sweeteners. If you're looking to cut down on your sugar intake, you can also try using Sweet n' Lows in your regular coffee instead.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes has also taken the producer route that some actors eventually venture into. Nowadays, she's busy working on independent film projects. Her regular coffee order is a half-caf grande soy latte that a barista has confirmed.

John Stamos

Rising to fame as Uncle Jesse, John Stamos continues to star in great TV shows. He likes to order an Italian cappuccino as his favorite coffee order. Sometimes, it's even topped with cinnamon or chocolate that adds a wonderful aroma and flavor to the drink.

You can try out these coffee orders on your next visit to the coffee shop. Or you can make them yourself!

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