How Coffee Machines Work

by Kenneth Reed on May 29, 2021
Coffee machines are handy equipment for those who seek perfection in every cup. It’s interesting to take a look at how a coffee machine works from the inside. Although each coffee machine works separately based on the type of machine, some common parts can be found in most of them. Here’s how a coffee machine manages to make that great-tasting cup of joe every single time:


The reservoir in the coffee machine holds the cold water intake, from where the water goes to be heated. It contains a filter system and a water level sensor. The filter purifies the water so that any sediments from it don’t enter the machine and affect its performance. You should clean out the filter periodically to avoid any buildup.

A person using an espresso coffee machine

When the water indicator is lit up, it means the reservoir requires a water refill. The reservoir can also prevent the heating system from turning on when the water is low, so the heating system isn’t damaged.


This is a metal container and a part that most coffee machine users would be familiar with. It’s where the coffee grounds go into the machine. The portafilter is then locked into the machine.

In some coffee machines, the portafilter comes in a cup-shaped part that needs to be filled with the coffee grounds.


The pump moves water from the reservoir to the heating element of the coffee machine. It also controls the pressure of water in some machines as the water moves through the coffee. Espresso machines can have one of the two kinds of pumps available: vibratory or rotary. Vibratory ones use a piston and magnet to push the water and less expensive than rotary ones. The rotary pumps use a small motor to push the water and create pressure as it does so. They are quieter than vibratory pumps. The buzz you hear as you start the coffee machine is the pump in action.

A simple coffee machine on a kitchen counter


Heating Element

The heating element heats the water till it’s not too hot or cold and reaches the perfect temperature for brewing. It contains an electric hot coil and is made of metal to keep the heat intact. Once the water is heated appropriately, it moves through the coffee or the portafilter where the coffee grounds are.


This is where the ending result of the whole process comes out from. The spout dispenses the hot coffee directly into your cup.

Owning a coffee machine is an excellent investment if you love coffee and want to enjoy the best cup in the comfort of your home! And you won’t have to wait in line in coffee shops during rush hours. 

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