Storing Coffee: A Guide

by Kenneth Reed on March 18, 2021
What’s worse than waking up grumpy and coffee-less in the morning? That’s a trick question—nothing is! Everyone should be able to start their morning with a fresh cup of coffee to awaken their senses. And that can only be achieved by preserving your coffee, so you don't lose its aroma and taste over time.


Storing your coffee right is essential to prolonging its shelf life and ensuring it’s packed with all the flavors that made you buy it in the first place. If you want to know how to give your coffee eternal youth (or, well, have it last until its expiration date), keep reading.

Keep Coffee Airtight

Your coffee hates moisture and sunlight and needs to be kept away from them at all costs. Coffee is known to be hygroscopic, meaning it can absorb water from the air when exposed for too long. When coffee absorbs water, the natural blend of oils is disrupted, accelerating the aging process. Similarly, if left out in the sun, coffee can get stale. Heat can also break down the coffee before it hits the espresso machine, making it lose its strong flavor.


The best place to store your coffee is in the pantry, in an airtight container. You need to ensure that no moisture will penetrate the jar it's stored in and keep it in a temperature-controlled and shaded area.


Avoid Freezing Coffee

While the jury’s still out on freezing coffee, the general consensus is to avoid storing coffee in the freezer; the reason being the same hygroscopic properties that prompt people to store coffee in the pantry.


When kept in the freezer, you’re exposing your coffee to far too many scents and a lot of moisture. Your coffee will absorb all of the moisture and will end up having a bad taste. It's going to ruin the original flavor you bought your coffee for and give it a rancid aftertaste.

Buy In Moderation


A common mistake many coffee enthusiasts make is purchasing bulk orders of coffee. While it may seem reasonable in the moment, coffee grounds, once opened, start to lose their flavor after two weeks.


It’s best to buy your coffee in smaller batches to ensure you get the most use out of it. Plus, this gives you space to try new flavors while restoring the strong taste you’ve grown to love.


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