The Perfect Brew: A Brief History of Coffee Beans

by Kenneth Reed on March 01, 2021

All great things were discovered by accident—electricity, gravity, and even coffee! Many people believe coffee to be as old as tea or alcohol, but coffee is a relatively new invention. While tea can be traced back to 2737 B.C.E., coffee was introduced to the world in the 9th century. That puts a gap of hundreds of years!


If you’ve ever wondered how your obligatory morning beverage came to be, you’re in luck! Today, we’re going to dig deep and uncover the history of coffee.

Where Did It All Begin?

The origins of coffee can be traced back to Ethiopia; it was discovered by a goatherder named Kaldi. Legend has it that Kaldi noticed his goats were eating a particular bean that made them incredibly energetic, which piqued his curiosity.


He took the mysterious beans to a local monk, who dismissed his concerns and tossed them in a fire. But just when Kaldi thought of walking away, the monk was mesmerized by the aromatic scent of what was tossed in the flames. The fire was put out, and the beans extracted. Out of curiosity, the monk boiled the roasted beans, and thus the very first cup of coffee was born!

The Spread Of Coffee

Close up of coffee. 

Whether fiction or reality, one thing’s for sure, the monk was able to stay up much longer to pray in this temple! However, many historians dispute the source behind the story. If you’re looking for a credible source, we can trace coffee's origins back to Yemen in the 15th century.


Starting as a beverage consumed in Sufi monasteries in Yemen, the drink swiftly started spreading across the Arabian Peninsula and North-East-Africa by the mid-1550s. All throughout the region, coffee houses were commonplace, and coffee was consumed en masse.


The real worldwide spread happened when coffee reached Europe through Turkish slaves. Although it was first introduced on an island in Malta, it soon reached the Republic of Venice, where the beverage was widely adored. By the 1600s, all of Europe was enamored by coffee and opening up coffee houses of their own!

Modern Coffee

With merchants meeting from all across the world in Europe for business transactions, the introduction of coffee was spread worldwide. Within a few years, the first coffee house was opened in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1689, and another in New York in 1737.


Since then, coffee houses have become more commonplace, and countries worldwide have added their own local touch to their coffee. If you would like to get your hands on premium coffee grown in some of the lead countries for coffee production, check out our store on Brew House Online. We provide aromatic and fresh coffee beans online that you can have delivered to your doorstep. Browse our selection today to honor the classic beverage!