What Your Go-to Coffee Says About You, According to Science

by Kenneth Reed on June 04, 2021
A cup of coffee

The type of coffee you prefer to consume says many things about your personality and your genetics.

This blog will explain what people's favorite coffee flavors say about them.

Black Coffee is Linked to Being Antisocial

A black coffee drinker is already revered as someone who has a no-BS kind of personality. They don't want any fluff, cream, sugar, or any of that extra nonsense. Give them their coffee, black, straight, and they are good to go.

While not every black coffee drinker will be a full-blown psychopath or sociopath,some studies show people who drink black coffee are more practical and to-the-point rather than all about sunshine and rainbows.

Those Who Drink Sweet Coffees are Nicer

On the flip side, those who drink sweeter coffees like Irish cream coffees or buy French vanilla coffee tend to have more pleasant demeanors. Drinking sweet drinks has been linked to having a friendlier personality and overall behavioral patterns.

Those Fond of Decaf Coffee are Risk-Averse

This one isn't rocket science. Decaf drinkers are prepared coffee drinkers who want to make sure they can sleep on time and not let their coffee cravings mess with their internal clocks. They plan and avoid excessive risk as much as possible.

Instant Coffee Drinkers are Very Laid Back and Relaxed

A white cup of coffee

Instant coffee drinkers are huge procrastinators or incorrectly think they don't have time to prepare a cup of coffee, let alone buy fresh coffee beans online.

They will take life as it goes rather than prepare a little ahead of time. They might only drink coffee to stay awake and think of it like glorified cough syrup rather than something to be savored and enjoyed.

Fortunately, regardless of what your favorite coffee says about you currently, we are all constantly evolving! It's essential to regularly browse new coffee flavors and types to see what you like.

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