Why Decaf Coffee Is Bad for You

by Kenneth Reed on April 06, 2021

decaf spelled out next to coffee beans

For some of us, it may be hard to imagine what de-caffeinated coffee can bring to the table. Coffee is the ultimate pick-me-up for the day, but some people enjoy decaf to enjoy a drink without the added side-effects of caffeine.


The general perception about de-caffeinated coffee is that it contains no caffeine content; this is not true. Studies indicate a 180ml cup of decaf contains around 0-7mg of caffeine, thus it isn’t entirely caffeine-free.


While you may be able to sleep after drinking it, we’re here to tell you why decaf coffee may not be the right choice:

Decaf Coffee May Increase Your Risk of Cholesterol

Decaf coffee is usually made from Robusta beans than regular Arabica beans. The Robusta beans contain a much higher fat content in the form of higher diptenes. This high-fat content may increase the chances of cholesterol, a precursor to serious cardiovascular diseases.


Research suggests that drinking decaf may lead to a rise in fatty acid production, further adding to weight gain and increased risk of heart disease.

Chemicals in Decaf Coffee May Cause Health Issues

Decaf coffee undergoes a process of unnatural extraction to ensure caffeine removal. The beans are left to soak in a chemical solvent, methylene chloride, responsible for extracting the caffeine.


While evidence does not support that consumption of decaf coffee can be harmful, methylene chloride itself can be carcinogenic and may adversely affect the body.


Decaf Coffee May Not Offer the Same Benefits as Regular Coffee

Avid coffee lovers look forward to feelings of alertness and uplifted mood after drinking their regular coffee. These stimulants are a result of caffeine. With decaf coffee, many of these benefits seem to go away.


Associated benefits of coffee that come with caffeine include reduced chances of serious diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, a pre-workout boost, and increased memory function and mental function.

a steaming hot cup of coffee

While decaf coffee may be a preferred choice for those sensitive to caffeine and are advised to limit their caffeine intake, regular coffee is here to stay.


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